A Lush Land: Q & A With Buffalo Zoo Horticulturists

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Even in the dead of winter, the Buffalo Zoo’s Rainforest Falls exhibit stays verdant. Vines creep. Birds nest in a green canopy. Flowers bloom in a firework of color. The caretakers of this elaborate, indoor garden include Steve Mead, the zoo’s director of horticulture and maintenance, and Dave Goehle, zoo groundskeeper. The two… Continue reading

Palmyra’s Pageant: The Book of Mormon, Like You’ve Never Seen it Before

PALMYRA, N.Y. — The Hill Cumorah Pageant, held yearly on a grassy slope outside of Rochester, may be the only place you’ll ever see a Mormon dad in clip-on earrings and a shoulder-length wig. On warm July nights beneath the stars, the production unfolds on eight connected stages, with actors braving fireballs and artificial rain… Continue reading